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Tegan and her best friend Jemma


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We need your help to keep these best friends together.

Tegan and Jemma are inseparable.

Tegan has spina bifida, and spends almost all her time at home with Jemma.

Twice a week, she volunteers at the Children’s Hospital.

They found each other five years ago. Jemma was one year old and in need of a new home, and Tegan, then 22, was looking for a companion. 

But now six-year-old Jemma has a cancerous lump requiring removal. 

Tegan is so worried that she can’t sleep and has had to take a break from volunteering. 

Tegan has always put Jemma first, saving to make sure she can look after her – but the location of the lump means this surgery is particularly costly.

They need help to get this surgery done as soon as possible, so that they can spend several more years together.

Will you help them? 

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